Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet & Salty Treats Pool Party

It was Monday, for sure.

Slept weird on this organic barley pillow my husband swears by, but made my neck crooked.  Dragged my aching, crooked neck and the rest of my limbs out of bed and haven't stopped until now.

Had a great lunch with an old colleague, but otherwise uneventful day at work.

Day flew and next thing I new it was 5:05, so raced out the door to catch the train.  Train is usually on time, but today of all days it moved at a slug's pace.  I usually get in the door at 6:05.  Just enough time to get my act together for a 6:30 pool party play date, but today walked in at 6:25!  Total panic.  

Thankfully everything was in order for the most part....except that the baby was walking around with some rubber playground mulch in his diaper for a bit thanks to his older brothers....but that's a story for another day!

Everything went great.  It's so nice to have a glass of wine and chat with other mom's to hear what they are struggling with or what they have found successful ranging from meal ideas to babysitters to vacation spots.  I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many mothers that I admire and learn from.

One topic that came up was about all the pictures we take on our phone and whether or not we print them out.   I take hundreds of pictures a month, I upload them to shutterfly, I email them out monthly to family and friends but I am TERRIBLE at printing them/making books.  One day I will get'll keep me busy when I am an empty nester...god willing shutterfly doesn't go out of business or get hacked by then!!

Get It Done Tip: One thing that I mentioned that got some interest from the other mom's is that I mark my calendar each week to email myself all the photos from my phone.  I then save them to my desktop and upload them to shutterfly. This ensures I never lose any of the precious photos of my munchkins.

All of these conversations were going on over wine and munching on those amazing Almond Dark Chocolate Cookies and this yummy popcorn.  

I have one of those old fashioned air poppers.  I buy the organic popcorn and always forget that it is a great snack for company.  The kids were flipping over it while they watched it pop.  I jazzed it up with a little drizzled butter, grated Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of salt.  Yum!
Parmesan Popcorn

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