Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Polynesian Pulled Pork

Just got home after having drinks with some old college friends.  They were teasing me how I am take charge.  Everyone kept saying we should get together and I had enough of the talk so put something on the books! It was a fun night.

Get It Done Tip: If there is someplace you want to go or someone you want to visit just schedule it and put it on your calendar. Someone told me a great saying today. They said they would rather regret the things they did instead of regretting the things they didn't do.  Make it your motto too and make the time to visit people you want to see and go the places you want to go!

Since I knew I was going out after work I made a quick simple meal in the crock pot that everyone LOVED!  

Polynesian Pulled Pork

4 red pepper sliced
small jar duck sauce (sorry too tired to go downstairs to try and dig through trash to find size!)
boneless pork roast or pork shoulder
can of crushed pineapple

Put sliced peppers in crock pot
put pork on top
pour duck sauce over pork
Pour can of pineapple over

Cook on low for 8 hours (or less/more depending on size of meat) until meat is cooked through.
shred pork with fork and mix through pineapple, peppers
Pile shredded pork mixture on sandwiches
We served ours with a salad and corn.

My husband is on a paleo kick so ate in minus the bread.  Kids devoured it.