Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Day Off From Cooking Dinner

I had planned to make a dent in using all the tomatoes in our garden today and slice them, along with steak and make sandwiches. However, plans changed as I needed to help out a friend and watch her two little girls in the evening. So, we had an impromptu playdate and ordered in pizza.

I went into my notes section of my blackberry and to ensure nothing goes to waste moved the steak sandwich plan to another day. Put the meat and the rolls in the freezer and used the tomatoes to make a salad instead.

Get it done tip: A playdate on a weeknight means exhausted kids in the morning for camp. I have off tomorrow so plan to take the kids to camp and visit a family member and then get the big boys from camp to visit some other friends at the aquarium. Sure to be a fun day, but crazy morning lays ahead.

To cut down on the stress of getting everyone out of the house I laid out everyone's clothes already (mine included) and packed the diaper bag for the baby, made his bottles, organized the snacks. I was sooo tired and dreaded doing it, but know in the long run it will make my morning that much easier so worth the extra push! I am pooped, goodnight!

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